Hildgund Makes History

DawkinsThe Hildgund heritage is as distinguished as the jewelry we are so well known for. The company began in 1873 as Dawkins Benny Jewelry in downtown Honolulu. We had the distinct honor of being one of the first jewelers in the state to create crests for Hawaiian royalty.

In the 1940s, Hildgund Bucky, a master goldsmith from Germany, came to Hawaii to work at Ming’s as a designer. She then moved on to Dawkins Benny, where she perfected a style of jewelry renowned for its superior quality and craftsmanship. She eventually purchased the company, renaming it Hildgund at Dawkins Benny.

In the 1980s, Hildgund opened stores in some of Hawaii’s most elite resorts. The locations allowed her to share her creations with visitors on holiday as well as locals.

Hildgund Bucky retired in 1995, but the tradition continued with her husband Carl Bucky and son, Bruce. Bruce carries on the tradition of offering exclusive, one-of-a-kind pieces in a friendly setting.

Hildgund of Today

Hildgund BuckyStep inside some of Hawaii’s most prestigious resorts, and you’ll find Hildgund. Prepare to be dazzled by myriad precious gems, exotic yellow diamonds, fine jade, rubies, pearls and emeralds that come from all corners of the world.  If you’re looking to commemorate one of life’s unforgettable moments and only the most spectacular piece of jewelry will do, then Hildgund is the place to shop.

Hildgund’s service evokes the warm aloha spirit and friendly hospitality of a kama‘aina company. Each store is adorned with beautifully-crafted koa wood counters along with a welcoming portrait of Hildgund Bucky, the company’s founder. The purchase of any piece of Hildgund merchandise is likely to be one of grand proportions. However, the comfort and care that staff members provide to customers makes the experience more like buying from a friend. Staff members have been with the company for many years and over that time, have established long-lasting and trusting friendships with their customers.

One of a Kind Jewelry

Brooch SketchWhen it comes to creating jewelry, the Hildgund philosophy has always been to create pieces that Hildgund Bucky, being a woman of exceptional fashion and style, would be proud to wear herself. Hildgund is forever searching the world for precious stones that are transformed into wondrous works of art by designers from Hawaii and around the world.

Hildgund features the largest collection of internally flawless yellow diamonds in the state. You’ll also find exotic colored gems that are certified, natural and unheated from around the globe, along with Tahitian, South Sea and Freshwater Pearls. In addition, we offer an extensive collection of limited edition jewelry and collectible accessories for men, including beautifully hand-crafted knives by brilliant designers.

“I want to give our customers a one-of-a-kind perfect piece that they can’t find anywhere else, while providing the best possible service and value,” explains company president Bruce Bucky.

When it comes to the perfect pairing of jewelry to individual taste, and total discretion with one-on-one customer care, you can sum up the Hildgund experience in just one word: flawless.